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Magento Marketplace Plugin

If you're looking for a Marketplace website, there are several different platforms to build this on. Magento being our preferred ecommerce platform offers several plugins to achieve this. The benefits are obvious - As it is built on an ecommerce platform, managing your suppliers and customers is  a breeze, while a good marketplace plugin provides the marketplace features needed to build a successful marketplace website.   Read More

10 Great Facebook Page Examples

Despite businesses claiming marketing success with Facebook, the usual debate on measuring success is still common amongst online marketers.   Read More

2012 - The Year of Mobile for Businesses

Mobile is definitely the hottest topic in 2012. The staggering growth of smartphone and tablet users means that people are changing their ways in searching for information on the web.   Read More

10 Epic Social Media Disasters

Most businesses now use social media to continuously engage with their customers. The potential gains can be huge, with businesses creating a fan base of customers who eagerly await discount codes, new releases, and just about anything else thrown at them. But what happens when it goes wrong?   Read More

Run Your Business Effectively with Online Business Tools

Try throwing in the words ‘online’ and ‘websites’ in a business conversation.  More often than not, discussions are based around ways of achieving higher sales and getting more customers.  Therefore, it is no surprise that most businesses would regard sales and marketing as the main purpose of their website strategy.  Read More

How to Create an Effective Website Strategy (Part 3 of 3): Selecting Online Marketing Channels

Now that you have a business optimised website, it’s time to drive traffic and get these visitors to take certain actions. There are 101 ways to drive traffic, and they key is to focus on those that produce the best results, with the least amount of cost and effort.   Read More

How to re-size images for your blog

Once our customers start using Brainy Tools to effortlessly edit their own websites, a common question many of them have is “How do I resize pictures for my blog?”  Read More

How to Create an Effective Website Strategy (Part 2 of 3): A Business Optimised Website

In our earlier post on Due Diligence and Research, we discussed the methods of acquiring the necessary information for your website strategy. With this information, the next step is to create a business optimised website that will entice customers to engage with your business.   Read More

How to Create an Effective Website Strategy (Part 1 of 3): Due Diligence & Research

By working with all sorts of businesses in different industries, we had the privilege of finding out which businesses have thrived using their website as a business tool, and most importantly why they’ve succeeded in doing so. Although there are other major contributing factors to success for each case, we have found 3 common areas that can be classified as key elements for an effective website strategy. 

  Read More