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10 Great Facebook Page Examples

Despite businesses claiming marketing success with Facebook, the usual debate on measuring success is still common amongst online marketers. 

A company can create a Facebook page and gain a massive amount of fans, but does that mean business objectives have been successfully accomplished ? Although goals and objectives can vary with different businesses, the common key factor for Facebook success is known to be 'customer engagement'.

Here are 10 Facebook page examples that have successfully engaged with customers in some way or another:

1. Porsche

The 'Design Your Porsche' tab lets avid Porsche fans customise selected Porsche models, and share their customised work by sending it to friends or posting on their Facebook wall. 


2. Dell

Dell have successfully captured the 'small business' demographic that would not have otherwise interacted with their Facebook page. They exploited one of the oldest trick in the online marketing book, by offering original and useful content.

3. Coca Cola

When Coca Cola turned an unoffical Facebook page created by 2 fans into the soft drink giant's official page, one would think that Coke were just plain lazy. But in actual fact, they took Facebook marketing to a whole new level by engaging with their fans beyond the usual Facebook interaction.

4. Best Buy

US electronic and appliances retailer - Best Buy let their fans choose the ending of a commercial on their fan page.

5. Kaplan SAT

Kaplan made learning SAT easy and simple by posting daily questions on their page. Students can benefit from a relaxed and gradual learning experience. 

6. Pringles 

Pringles use football videos on their Facebook page to engage with fans of the popular sport.

7. Redbull

Redbull TV embedded on their Facebook page lets fans watch extreme sport videos.

8. Teesey Tees

Teesy Tees teases visitors with a Facebook fan only deal in order to get 'likes'.

9. Adobe

A big brand like Adobe may seem unsuccessful with only 50k fans on their official Facebook page. But if you look closely, the main page directs visitors to individual product pages, and these pages have accumulated more fans than the main Adobe page itself.

10. Budweiser

Another simple design by Budweiser that contains one call to action, and with a positive social message to gain extra 'likes'.


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